Vanishing Crowd, 2021

Custom made vinyl wood veneer, wood, TV, TV lift and electronics.
0,40 x1,15×14 m

A long piece of wooden furniture, like a dresser or a sidebar covers a whole wall in the room. The room feels empty, but full with intent, like its a waiting room or a lobby. On the sidebar lies a set of keys next to a coffee stain. However, the keys and the stain are two dimensional, printed onto the sidebar, in fact the whole sidebar is made out of plastic. Other clues in the room give you the feeling that you are standing with in a set. Suddenly a shutter opens and a TV screen rises slowly from the sidebar, a soft smoke drifts across the screen. The smoke seems fake, just like the dresser and the keys. After a while a hand appears on the screen and snaps its fingers! immediately the TV turns off and slowly lowers itself into the sidebar again.